Made-Up Language Kevin palmer

(editor) edits for numerous and varied clients at Homestead Editorial in New York. In addition to his advertising and PSA work there, he cut Bill Plympton's most recent animated feature Idiots and Angels (2008), which has screened at scores of festivals on 5 continents, received numerous awards including a Special Distinction Award at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2008 and both the Grand Prix and Best Feature-Length Film at Anifest 2009 in Trebon, Czech Republic. Idiots and Angels was also released theatrically in France, Switzerland, Russia and the United States and has been short-listed for Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature. Kevin's editorial collaboration with Zbigniew Bzymek began with the 40 minute, Polish-language short Nagle na zawsze (2008) which received the Grand Prix du Jury at Rencontres Henri Langlois Festival in Poitiers France. He has edited short films in English and Polish, including Mariko Saga's Vena Cava (2009), Amy Tam's The Perfect Boy (2011) and Alex Brook Lynn's I am a Fat Cat (2010). Utopians marks his live-action, feature-length editorial debut.