Utopians follows Roger (Jim Fletcher), a struggling yoga teacher and single father, and his daughter Zoe (Courtney Webster), after her sudden return home from military service. Once close, Roger and Zoe can’t seem to talk without fighting. When Zoe gets back together with her ex-girlfriend Maya (Lauren Hind), a patient in a mental health hospital, Roger’s downward spiral accelerates.

Opposed to Zoe’s pursuit of Maya but eager to be a part of his daughter’s life, he becomes entangled in the ups and downs of their relationship. Increasingly late and obviously distracted during his yoga classes, Roger’s few remaining students begin to lose patience. When he stubbornly insists on bringing a stray dog to class, they are exasperated enough to look elsewhere for enlightenment.

Shortly after the newly released Maya moves in with Zoe and Roger, the three find themselves broke, homeless, and stuck with each other. When Roger’s well-meaning friend Morris (Arthur French) offers them a live-in renovation job in his upscale Brooklyn home while he stays elsewhere, they jump at the chance.

The rent-free set up provides them with an intoxicating respite from the responsibilities and expectations of the outside world, but it proves to be just as dangerous as it is rejuvenating. Time seems to stop as together they revel in the ample space and make themselves a little too comfortable in their new reality. As memories of their turbulent recent past finally have the space to come to the fore, Roger starts resenting the renovation work. He changes the locks on Morris and escapes into his head, to where dreams and memories have no boundary.